Massages in Granada

At our Center you will find the most cared and attentive Massages in Granada. 20 years of experience and 6 Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence guarantee our professionalism.
You will be attended by experts therapists who dominate the most important massage methods from West and East. Will find the massages customized to your own needs. Our experience, with more than 10,000 people, allows us to adapt the maneuvers of manual therapy to each client.
You just have to come, tell us how you feel, if have any pain or discomfort and we will choose the work most appropriate for you, at that moment. You will get the best results
Come to MasVital, Enjoy and Be Happy whit the Massages in Granada most careful and safe.


MasVital Massages

Massages in Granada

The best granada massage

Due to various reasons, during many centuries massage in Europe and America didn´t have much popularity, but from the appearance of Swedish massage in the nineteenth century many techniques have been developed, especially in the last century. In this section we focus on the most famous techniques developed in Europe and America, even if some of them may come originally from other parts of the world.

PRICES: 50 minutes 40 €; 60 minutes 48€; 80 minutes 58 €, 110 minutes 85 €


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Special Massages

Massages in Granada special

Special massages in Granada

In this section we focus on special techniques, massages not so well-known, and some protocols developed in our Center. Anti-cellulite massage, Manual lymphatic drainage, Wood therapy, Foot reflex therapy, our Heaven and Earth special head and foot massage, and some other originals as our obsidian massage or our shamanic massage. Also, some delicious massages as Californian or Lomi Lomi.

PRICES: 50 minutes 45 €; 60 minutes 53€; 80 minutes 63 €; 110 minutes 90€


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Couples Massage

Massages in Granada 2

Couple Massages in Granada

Massages in Granada for two in the same room, receiving the same or different massages. Share with your partner, your mother, your friend, your brother, your daughter or anyone you like space and time for a massage while you relax or you relieve aches and pains. A wide room flavored with essences, indirect lighting, proper temperature and suggestive music will accompany this great experience.

PRICE: 50 minutes 69 €; 80 minutes 99 €; 150 minutes 149€


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